Our Story

From 1928 to today!

This is the story of a family of olive oil producers who came to Mersin with the population exchange from the island of Crete in 1924. Politali (Ali from Istanbul), one of the elders of the family, who had been producing olive oil on the island of Crete for generations, realised after settling in his homeland that no one in the neighbourhood knew about olive oil, but there were wild olive trees everywhere.
The neighbourhood is full of olives and Politali’s son Sadık Ağa is the only one who can graft olive trees. Sadık Agha travelled from village to village and started grafting the trees with the pencil vaccines he brought from Crete. Sadık Agha is a hard man! In 1928, he quarries large stones near Kösebalcı Village and carves millstones day and night with his own hands for the production of olive oil, the only business the family knows. He built a 4-stone horse-drawn mill for crushing olives and brought a vice with a vine pulley from Izmir to squeeze the olives. In 1928, in an area of 40 m2, father and son started olive oil production again to meet the olive oil needs of our family and other Cretans. Eventually, the local people of Yoruk origin also got used to olive oil and the business grew.
Old-fashioned oil production continues until 1955. When Ali Boltaç, the 3rd generation Ali Boltaç, the son of Sadık Ağa, took over the production, he closed the era of horse-drawn mills and vice with hanging pulleys. He bought a hydraulic press from Izmir and increased his daily capacity from 1-2 tonnes to 10 tonnes. In 1981, he bought his second machine and increased his production capacity to 20-25 tonnes.
Then, in 1995, Ali Boltaç’s son Sadık, the 4th generation, switched to the modern Italian system called “Continue Integral System” in order to expand the business and increased the daily olive processing capacity to 35-40 tonnes. The family, which has been supplying olive oil to the big companies of Turkey for many years, takes official steps for their surname “Boltaç”, which has already become a brand, in 1995 and proceeds on the path of branding and focuses on retailing.

Let’s come to the 5th generation, Sadık’s children Deniz and Ali… They established their second facility in 2010 with the family’s desire and mission to constantly renew itself in production and to be sustainable, and today, with 2 factories and 5 production lines, they continue on their way to hand over this family mission to the next generations with the pride of making consumers love olive oil in a more modern and hygienic environment…

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